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J&H Talohuolto offers reliable and professional property maintenance and services. Our company has successfully been serving property owners, tenants and property managers since 1987 in the area of property maintenance.

Our company employs 19 qualified janitors and cleaners who are willing and ready to work with you. Our long term experience and many forms of personnel training give us the means to serve our clients in multifaceted ways with expertise. Team spirit in work is our priority and this shows in engagement of our staff to their work.

Please, find below a list of maintenance issues of which we are responsible for and which tasks belong to the property owner or the tenant.

We have an emergency duty for 24 hours a day, tel. 0400 323 815. We hope that in all the requests that are not urgent, service advices and requests, removal notifications and alike, you would use our online service advice. The online service advice you will find on this website. You can also call us during the office hours between 9-16 (Monday-Friday).

You can contact us in the issues that belong to the housing company’s responsibilities (please check the following list first).

Housing company’s responsibilities:

  • Fire detector and fire alarm system in houses which have been built after 1.2.2009
  • Maintaining and replacing the water taps
  • Repairing or replacing the stench traps
  • Air ventilation*
  • Heating system: radiators and thermostats
  • Maintaining and repairing heating, water and sewage equipment
  • Power sockets, switches, electric center and wiring**
  • External parts of door telephone system***
  • Opening the door locks
  • Front door and balcony outer door (fittings, locks etc.)****
  • Outer windows (share holder is responsible for inner windows) ****
  • Opening clogged sewage [the tenant is responsible for the opening if it is caused by material that should not be poured into sewer (for instance cat sand)]
  • Repairing the toilet seat (lid not included) and leaking water pipes

Share holder’s (tenant’s) own responsibilities:

  • Bath tubs, basins, sinks, bidet heads and hoses
  • Electric fuses inside the apartment**
  • Inner window and door frame sealing (outer window and door frames should not be sealed unless there is only a single balcony door)****
  • Cleaning or renewing fresh and exhaust air filters
  • Cleaning or renewing the air filter parts that are inside the apartment or can be replaced from there* (Note! Housing companies may have different policies. Please contact us or the property manager to check what is the case in your apartment)
  • Domestic appliances (refrigerator, stove etc.)
  • Cooker hood
  • Changing water taps and toilet seats when necessary due to share holder’s renovation procedures (A written notice of renovation must be delivered to the property manager!)
  • Internal parts of door telephone (handset, cable, device)***
  • Washing machine water hoses (filling and exhaust)
  • Cover plates of electric switches and sockets**
  • Shower heads, hoses and shower curtain bars
  • Inner windows (outer windows belong to housing company’s responsibilities)****
  • Sauna stove
  • Lights (including fixed installations) and changing the light bulbs
  • Inner doors and balcony inner door (outer doors belong to housing company’s responsibilities)
  • Individual fire or smoke alarm detectors and changing their batteries

Housing companies have different variations of policies and procedures. If you are unsure of what to do, please call us and ask for an advice!